Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Campus Closet Exchange Update

So I postponed my Closet Exchange to allow people to go home and get clothes, and to give more time to promote, let people settle into campus a litte more, ect. So now it is officially next Monday, and I am going to post a few of these flyers around campus to try to get more than just the people I know personally involved (and maybe get a little promotion for my Blog while I'm at it).
Here's my Flyer:

I took a picture of my actual closet and edited it in pic monkey (basically another version of picnik now that picnik is no more) for the background and then added the necessary information. It's much wordier than I would like a flyer to be, but the everything I wrote is important for people to know. The details are also not terribly easy to find online, so it was important that it be on the flyer itself. To combat the downfall of wordiness I tried to make the important stuff much larger to grab people's attention, and then anyone who's interested can read the details. I also printed them on recycled paper, in good Wholesome Dorming fashion :)
I can't wait! It's gonna be fun! The first ever Wholesome Dorming event!
Here's the link to the FB page:
I expect to see all you MSU students there, even if you don't have clothes to bring!

On another note right now Amazon Local is $30 at Goodwill for only $12. Super exciting! Expires tomorrow, so if you're in the NY/ NJ area get one before you can't anymore!

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