Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Campus Vegan Experiment Day 4 & 5

Sorry I didn't post this earlier. It's been like a week since I was a vegan. I've been going crazy with my waitressing job and not having time to do anything.
So I went home for my last days as a vegan, so they don't really contribute to the experiment, but here it is anyway:
More soy, fruit, and peanut butter for breakfast, but that day I had rice crispy's and cinnamon raisin toast

Chia seeds with passion fruit juice and water. Obviously not found in the dining hall, but it's great power food

Then I went home and my dad's girlfriend... oh excuse me, his fiance (they just got engaged :)), made me breaded eggplant with tomatoes and spinach...

And acorn squash with coconut oil, and agave I think

In the morning an almond milk latte from my dad's fancy espresso machine...

and these amazing chocolate banana Peanut Butter Pancakes! MB is amazing!

For lunch she made this squash and spinach puff pastry which was so delicious and I was so surprised it didn't have butter!

Anyway my last couple days didn't really further the experiment, but I'm seriously reconsidering starting it back up because I feel so much better when I'm not eating all of the crappy food on campus. I'll post more about what I learned from the experiment soon!

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