Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin Schmere

So I bought a thing of cashew nut butter from Fairway a while back, and I decided to mix my pumpkin butter into it. It was amazing!! I literally couldn't stop exclaiming "This is soo good!" But I couldn't share my excitement with anyone because none of friends like pumpkin apparently. Now I'm not one to buy into the whole vegan "cashews taste like cheese" thing, because cheese is magical and if it's not cheese usually it doesn't actually tastes like cheese. But this stuff actually almost tasted like pumpkin cream cheese! It was amazing, and simple! just the cashew butter and pumpkin butter mixed together. You could also use almond, peanut or any nut butter. Obviously the flavor would be different, but it'd probably still be delicious.

I ate mine with matzo and pretzel crisps, but it would go well with lots of things, maybe graham crackers, a bagel, or apples! I don't know. Get creative! Let me know what your favorit pumpkin treat is, or how you decide to use your pumpkin butter!

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