Saturday, September 17, 2011

Makin Guacamole!!

So guacamole is a super easy, healthy and delicious snack that also happens to be perfect for sharing! That's why I'm making it my first post. It's my second week of school and I've made guacamole 3 times, and guess what, the people on my floor love me for it!

All you really need is an avocado and salt, but if you want to get fancy add onion, lime or lemon, and if your really fancy, cilantro. My favorite chips to use are anything Trader Joe's brand because they're always non-GMO and still affordable (I love Trader Joe's!! If you don't know what GMO is I'll post an explanation about that soon. It changed the way I look at food!).

The avocados can get a bit expensive, so if you can, have everybody chip in a dollar or so. It cost a little less than $6 for 2 avocados, an onion, and a lime, and I already had salt. I opted not to spend three dollars on a big bunch of cilantro that would barely be used, but it does add to the taste of the guac, so if you wanna splurge more power to you.

So treat your floor-mates to something much yummier than most (if not all) of the stuff they've been eating from the dining hall!

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