Friday, September 30, 2011

Tasty Tidbit- Be creative at the dining hall!

1) The salad bar can be used for more than just salads: use salad bar ingredients to make a delicious and healthy wrap. Wraps are also great because they're easy to sneak out if you need to eat on the go. I sometimes use ingredients from the main entree area for salads and wraps as well, specifically the salsa and sour cream they sometimes put out. (My favorite dining hall section cross-over, and guilty pleasure is ice cream and waffles, which are both available all day long!)

2) Be a cafeteria clepto: it's ok to sneak some food out of the dining hall, especially if you have an unlimited meal plan. I take bread to make sandwiches in my room, and today I took some chickpeas to make some humus (which I will post about soon). I also take fruit quite often. I like to take bananas and freeze them for Banilla Soft-serve (which is apparently now a proper noun because I capitalized it). I'll probably post about that at some point, too. I will sometimes take meals to go if I'm headed somewhere where food won't be easily available, like my 5 hour long costume practicum class.

3) See what made to order foods are offered: These foods are not necessarily healthy, but can certainly add variety to your diet. My cafeteria offers omlettes with a ton of topping choices, and also an option for egg whites ate breakfast time. They also offer a bunch of grill items from 2-4pm including burgers, fries, and my favorite (the only one I've actually ordered), grilled cheese. Like I said, not healthy per say, but the food tends to taste better than they're typical stuff.

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