Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little Black Thrifted Dress

I know I haven't done any posts about food yet, but right now I have a kitchen, so I don't have a reason to make dorm friendly recipes. I'm trying to enjoy my last days with appliances. You understand... :)
So I got this dress at the thrift store that was very long, very 90s, kind of old lady looking, but it had this awesome back and I thought to myself, "If I just hem this, it would be really cute." And it only cost like $6, so I got it, hemmed it and now it looks loke this...
Cute right?! Despite my poor quality photos, the dress is totally fresh, young and modern! I love back details!
Then I got this idea to take the transformation even further... "What if I turned it around?"
... so I put on a bandeau, turned it around and.....

An awesome look for a night out! Totally unique and sexy without being skanky (sheer black fabric will do that). I plan to wear it with these high heeled black ankle boots that I have, and continue to steal my mom's gold collar necklace, which was only $6.99 at h&m, so I should probably get my own now that I'm going back to school.
Just another example of an awesome thrift store find!

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