Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Campus Closet Exchange

Hey guys! Especially those at Montclair, I hope you'll join me for a Campus Closet Exchange right after move-in!
So I was looking through my closet as I was starting to think about packing up to move into school and I thought, "Wow, I have a lot of clothes here that are perfectly good, but they're really not my style anymore." I could just donate them to the thrift store, but I thought that it would be an even better idea if me and a bunch of friends all brought our unwanted clothes back to school and then did a closet exchange! It would be so much fun if one day, very soon after moving back to campus we all brought our clothes to the common room and everyone would be able to pick as many items as they had brought as an exchange. If there were items left after that we could open it up to allow people to pick more than they had brought and people who didn't bring items. Then anything that was left over I would put into bags and bring to the Salvation Army (or the closest thrift store/ clothing donation bin). It's like having an on campus thrift store, but even better because it's free! So you guys with me? Even if you aren't I'll still let anyone take from what I would bring. Here's a sampling of what I plan to bring:

I LOVE that floral dress, but alas it's too short on me, so hopefully a friend who's a little shorter than me will enjoy it!

This blue shirt doesn't have the best hanger appeal at the moment, but its a great shirt! I happened to have modeled it when I worked for the company who sold it, Sakura Rose (which, unfortunately went out of business). Here it is on me:
These are all cute clothes, but for whatever reason I haven't worn them in a long time, so it's time for them to leave my coset and hopefully make their way into one of yours! So fellow Montclair students, are you with me? And my other readers, I hope your inspired to Campus Closet Exchange at your school!

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